Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dominant BJJ in MMA

A lot of people have some mis-perceptions of BJJ because of the old days when Royce Gracie was fighting in the UFC.

Although that shows what BJJ can do against opponents that are much larger and less skilled... MMA has evolved quite a large amount since then.

I often hear the retarded argument that "BJJ doesn't work against multiple opponents."

To the people that say that, I respond:

What if you come across 5 dudes just like Hector Lombard. All have awesome striking, takedowns, and BJJ. Although 5 of them would end your life, they just decide to send one guy in.

Video for reference:


SALADNZ said...

Hector Lombard is a beast! he needs to come to the UFC tho haha GET SOME REAL competition!

MrZakPK said...

Damn that's some really awesome shit.

I've been watching MMA and UFC highlights the past few days for some reason cause they psych me up and im def favouriting this youtube video lol good stuff man :)

Anonymous said...

Those guy are very aggressive. D:

Tony Lek said...

xD!! Love that!

Lemmenkainen said...

Holy crap is that guy a beast!

Diego Sousa said...

tough guy!

Jay Smith said...

"Unstoppable"... to say the least!