Friday, August 19, 2011

Losing motivation in training

This is a topic I am going to revisit today.

BJJ is not a team sport, and after every match there is always a winner and a loser. But really, you can not always be the winner, and when you are beginning (or train with more advanced/heavier partners), it is often the case.

How do you stay motivated during this period?

In my opinion a few things help:

1) Having new training partners come by time to time
2) Spend time (a lot) watching high level matches on video and/or instructionals
3) Spend more time drilling to make sure that the technique is perfect. Ask a higher belt to watch and make sure this is the case.

now an amazing video released by budovideos: the mendes brothers


Anonymous said...

I always lose motivation, not only in this but in everything. :/

Jessica Thompson said...

Haha, that's so cool!

bujju said...

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Matty said...

bullshit BJJ isn't a team sport.
No one grappler is any better than the crew of people who sharpen him to fight in a tournament.

From day one, sell yourself to the idea of being on the competition team and humbly make friends with the higher belts. Try your best to help them sharper there game so they can win, and come and support them at tournaments.

Then when you're on the mat, cognitively reframe how you see the situation to being that of you being part of a team, and even if you tap, you're going to fight hard to prevent it to sharpen your friend so he'll make sure he can get the submission in tournament.

If you think about BJJ selfishly, of course you'll get depressed! This is the same pattern as anything else in life.