Friday, July 1, 2011

For the diligent, time is their best friend

Just a short post today, for some extra motivation.

Let's say you develop a habit of skipping a certain day each week from training for no good reason. Sure maybe once or twice it won't really hurt that much. But a habit by very definition is something that is repeated. Over the course of years (let's say 10) how many training hours have been skipped because of this?

Now if you take another example of someone who took advantage of this extra time to train, the difference between the two individuals would be like night and day.

So stay consistent, train hard, and make it a habit!

Now an amazing match between Justin Rader and Ary Farias.


The Dawg said...

This kinda reminds me of my last post. A few minutes or hours here and there becomes one looong time period when you add it all together!

Chris Hashemi said...

There are some days when I just feel lazy. Sometimes it's mentally, sometimes is physically. Either way, if I don't get to the gym on those days I KNOW that I'll feel bad, but every time I push myself to go I ALWAYS end up feeling better by the end of my workout/training session.

KrowOne said...

Awesome, I enjoy watching BJJ fights!

hoaks2 said...

Good Motivation!