Monday, July 18, 2011

Measuring sticks

It is very common to use your training partners or other people at different gyms as measuring sticks.

Perhaps someone was promoted to the next belt before you, or you feel that you can beat someone at your own gym consistently.

Unfortunately, BJJ does not have unified standards, but several that depend entirely on the instructor. This does place a heavy emphasis on the instructor's competence when it comes to the promotions, as well as possible discrepancies amongst different practitioners.

In the end, just remember that your improvement is much better measured as a statistic (many many tournament matches against people your own skill/weight).

Now one of the most important guard passes, the X-pass by Saulo Ribiero.


The Dawg said...

The only one you're really competing with in this world is yourself. If you improve, that's good. Nothing else really matters.

Drumsticks said...

I wish I new how to kick ass! + 1 Followed

GMSoccerPicks said...

Do you feel like a bad teacher regarding this kind of things, can stunt your growth significantly?

hoaks2 said...

Makes sense. It's not a good idea to use others as measuring sticks. Make reasonable goals and stick to them. They add up.