Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Learning in context

Something that can be difficult as a student is when you learn techniques that may not be usable right away. What I mean by this is that either you are too much of a novice to apply an advanced technique in a live match. A large part of this is the instructors responsibility to teach appropriate moves for everyone, but at the same time it is difficult to cater to all of the students.

One thing that makes a big difference is attendance. This actually may single handedly be the most important part of training, because you are forced to gain so much experience and exposure to the techniques that more and more of them become relevant to your own game.

The second thing that makes a big difference is to study applicable moves for your game outside of class. This easily hastens progress and fills holes quicker than waiting for your instructor to teach the right move to you, if ever.

Now a great highlight of Felipe Pena (world champ)


Jammer said...

Felipe kicks ass. I have never rolled in a Gi. It seems harder to roll in a Gi.

Diego Sousa said...

what a great highlight! very clever moves!

hoaks2 said...

Good points.

hoaks2 said...

Good points.