Friday, July 29, 2011

What is MMA (today)

This weekend, one of the greatest legends in MMA, Fedor Emeliankenko, is putting it all on the line and is fighting Dan Henderson. Although not directly related to BJJ, this match up should be an interesting one for all. MMA today is not just a single art and truly has become a hybrid style. This is evident when watching these fighters.

Both have really strong grappling, especially from the top position, and both are also heavy handed. In my opinion, the one factor that will play a huge part is the size difference. I view the fight going in a very similar direction to Matt Lindland's fight against Fedor.

Nowadays, you can see BJJ in most high level MMA fights in a modified fashion of course. I feel that there is a threshold of skill necessary to apply it in an MMA fight as well from the bottom position. Unfortunately I also feel that Fedor and Henderson are not the strongest in that position, and the person who is able to control the takedowns will most likely win.

Now a video of Fedor training for the fight.


couragewolf2 said...

Interesting fighting!

Diego Sousa said...

i think he should try lightheavyweight, and then he would surelly kick a lot off asses again

GMSoccerPicks said...

Things didnt go very well for him lately, but he is such a beast. A russian bear, one of the very best ive seen.