Saturday, July 9, 2011

Training intensity

One thing that tends to happen the more experienced you get, is that you tend to go "easy" on your less experienced partners. While this is beneficial to both people at times, it also develops some bad habits and in addition creates plateaus. Specifically, in tournaments, you may be so conditioned on taking it easy that you may play too lazy or lack intensity/use too little strength/speed when necessary against a similarly skilled opponent.

A good way to circumvent this problem is to have tournament specific training especially when the date of a competition draws near. Remember to keep the intensity up and not be afraid to gas out in training (so it doesn't happen when it really matters)

Now a great video on guillotines by Kenny Florian


Samuel Morales Bender said...

Ouch, does it hurt?

The Dawg said...

Yeah, you should always give it your all when it really matters.

hoaks2 said...

That's a crazy video.

Ready to grow! said...

go easy on me bro