Monday, June 6, 2011

Being the big guy

I personally have not had this issue that often, but being the "big guy" in training definitely makes things difficult.

Getting technical is easier for smaller guys mainly due to the fact that they LOSE when they make mistakes.

Bigger guys can begin to rely on strength when they make mistakes and often times can get away with them.

Other than bringing in other big guys to train, I think the best way for a big grappler to improve the fastest is for him to study the way an elite grappler (that is also big) moves from all positions starting from the guard.

Then the next step is to throw away the ego, and roll with everyone in class without using strength.

Believe it or not, a big guy with a developed guard is one of the most difficult things to deal with.

and now here is a Roger Gracie highlight. Probably the greatest heavy/big grappler of all time.


non-observant said...

Can't teach size.

Anonymous said...

The video's you post are awesome.

Doc_Waffles said...

Pretty good, nothing wrong with being big.

timbz said...

nice video;)

The R00STER said...

Are you lanky big or big big????

pepsi_lover47 said...

Size does not equal power

You learn that constantly

Great post.

The Dawg said...

I used to train Juu Jutsu a long time ago. I stopped when school got too busy.

Hex said...

I would like to be big too but Asians just don't have huge bodies like Europeans.

Follower #99872301 said...

I've always been the big guy and it feels great!