Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fixing the weakness

how does one fix a glaring weakness? As pointed out in an earlier post, I feel that it is an issue of identifying the weakness first.

"Where did I get stuck?"
"Where did I have no answer?"

The answers to these questions seem to be appropriate guidelines for what to do next.

Sometimes the issue is as simple as just NOT doing a bad-habit during a match (giving up points while you are already winning).

From what I've seen, the majority of the reason why beginner/intermediate students get stuck are because of a lack of focus on escapes and guard work.

What do you think?

Now a video of Michael Langhi, one of the top guard players in his weight class.


Chris Hashemi said...

So many different factors, and for each person it could be a different issue. Hopefully, everyone training has a good partner/coach/team that will watch & help you. It's hard to see everything you're doing, and the mistakes you're making when you're right up in it.

I've also found it helpful to have someone record my training sessions so I can watch them from a different perspective.

Nealio Bandino said...

As a smaller guy, weaker guy, slow learner, etc ... I feel my escapes are good since I've spent so much time in defense. I need more work on offense: controlling my opponent and holding him down in various positions.

slycoopert said...

The secret to overcoming a weakness is to defeat your opponent before he notices your weakness!