Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Evolution of the sport

If you look at bjj 10 years ago, and compare it to the bjj of today, you will find two different sports pretty much.

The average level of athlete is MUCH higher nowadays, and the techniques are much more developed as well.

On top of that, most of the champions of today have far far better wrestling ability as well due to cross-training.

Some examples of "new" developments to bjj that differ from the classic system are:

the 50/50 guard
Inverted/tornado guard
Eddie Bravo's "no gi" system (which a lot of people hate on)

There are many more things out there, and more to be discovered.

Personally, I think it is foolish to NOT study everything, because even if you don't use it... at least you can defend against it.

Now, a match Joao Assis and Jeff Monson


Jammer said...

All sports have to evolve, everyone is always looking for an edge.

The Dawg said...

Yeah, people will always reach for new heights.

Triper said...


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Noctis said...

Without evolution it would become boring after some time, wouldn't it?

slycoopert said...

Not bad I like last post better tho.

Follower #99872301 said...

I think this is one of the only sports that the technique evolves so much, not the equipment.

Chris Hashemi said...

Damn, Jeff didn't do so well.

Anyway, you're right about the level of athleticism being much higher these days. I remember when I first heard about BJJ I thought to myself how come all of these blackbelts are so tiny with no muscle tone?

Everyone used to say that BJJ was invented for the smaller man to control a larger opponent in close combat. While that is true, over the years a lot of guys figured out that they can add strength training while rolling to really gain an advantage.

You can't just be skilled anymore. You need to be skilled and athletic to compete. It's tough.

LightStand said...

Most sports have changed loat over the years. And everyone is always finding new ways to improve

Ryan said...


timbz said...

great post;)

Anonymous said...

Everyone just gets stronger and it gets more extreme!