Sunday, June 26, 2011


What exactly is sandbagging?

It is when someone far more experienced competes in a division that is meant for beginners. It is a practice that is looked down upon by the entire BJJ community, as it mainly goes against the spirit of testing yourself each time you go out there.

I believe if you are not trying to push yourself to your fullest potential, and only want to rack up wins against less experienced people, you are cheating yourself.

Do yourself, and your potentials opponents a favor and don't sandbag.

Now no gi sparring between BJ Penn, and Leo Veira.


Salted Plum said...

It's a better professional choice though. Maybe it's a sign that your sport is going mainstream?

The Dawg said...

You can never advance your skills if you just keep competing against weaker opponents. Anyone who's played an RPG can tell you that! :P

Kingmush said...

I think it's pretty bad, unfair and just bad sportsmanship.

Chris Hashemi said...

If you start taking on too many weak opponents you'll forget what it's like to be challenged, and probably get your ass handed to you when your face someone with skill. So what goes around comes around for those guys.

Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!