Saturday, June 25, 2011


So, one thing that happens a lot (to good students too), is over training. The mentality of more = better influences us throughout our lives, and BJJ is no exception.

And often times, when you look at the elite BJJ competitors, you will find out they train much more than the average person. But I believe copying them right away may not be the best idea.

Everybody's body is different and reacts differently to workouts. My coach discussed a couple things that he felt were the pre-requisite to training like a professional grappler:

1) Nutrition
2) Proper rest

The way I interpret this is as follows:

If the ultimate goal is to push yourself to your absolute highest potential in this sport, then every single opportunity for an advantage must be sought. This means, anything that you eat should be towards the goal of nutrition for strength/endurance (and not for taste).

The same applies for resting... if you are planning on training 3 times a day, then you should also be able to allow proper time for your body to recover before working out again and risking injury. If this isn't possible, then remove a training session and work your way up.

Now an amazing match between Lucas Lepri and Augusto Tanqinho Mendes


Anonymous said...

thanks for this post. Last time i tried to over train, i barely could walk for days

The Dawg said...

It's important to pace yourself, indeed.

braumaman said...

Great match. Very technical.

HardstyleFever said...

Very informative, and a good fight all round.