Thursday, June 2, 2011

Which videos to watch?

There are a lot of internet videos floating around. Even though it is good to spend time watching as many instructional videos as possible, it is better to be smart with that time.

Which videos should be prioritized in terms of studying?

I think the following criteria should be met:

1) The person demonstrating the moves must be of a similar body type to you.
2) The person demonstrating the move must be the most accomplished in his field (credentials).
3) The set of moves being demonstrated should fit into where you are in the curriculum.

So to make a long story short,

Tall lanky guys, study the best tall lanky guys.
Short stocky guys should study the best short stocky guys.

Oh, and here is my favorite guard pass


pepsi_lover47 said...

Awesome sight, I've always been interested in martial arts.

Dilly said...

help please :D

Anonymous said...

Nice video!