Saturday, June 11, 2011

Style vs Style

At the beginning, most people who begin bjj have a very similar style to each other (just learning fundamentals).

But very quickly, people will realize that they tend to prefer playing a specific type of game that may or may not work well for other people.

Many things determine this:

Body type
Wrestling/judo background

My opinion on this would be to learn as much as possible and to develop a system around your strongest moves. (i.e. if you play de la riva guard, have 3 or 4 moves you can do from a failed sweep attempt that can be launched right away).

Eventually when you become a black belt, you will not have just a system that works around one area you are strong at, but you will be strong at most positions. In a way, it is rinse and repeating the above process for different positions.

now a video of Marcelo Garcia grappling Ben Askren, notice the difference in their styles.


slycoopert said...

nice fight man keep up the good post!

bmx4130 said...

Great advice.

zemzero said...

Nice video, cool read.

The R00STER said...

Really good fight :)

jeramieetyler said...

Do you practice any martial arts?

Salted Plum said...

Very interesting, I will follow for more.