Monday, June 27, 2011

Variation in training partners

One thing that can be discouraging is rolling with the same people all the time. It happens at most gyms, and makes training seem a bit repetitive.

It is almost like a breath of fresh air when new training partners visit, or new members join. The fact that the new person's style is different, as well as the fact that they are unfamiliar with your style creates much different training scenarios that you will have to learn.

When you roll with the same person over and over again, both people tend to learn each others styles and become better and better at defending moves from each other. Eventually, if the people are close enough in skill (or have a big size disparity), then matches begin to stalemate much more often.

One remedy in my opinion is to remember that drilling is a huge part of learning BJJ, and use every opportunity whether it is live rolling or just drilling moves to your advantage. Perhaps start in a bad position against someone less experienced. Maybe even do it against someone MORE experienced for an added challenge.

Variation even in the smallest degree, helps a ton!

now an awesome sweep from Roletta.


The Dawg said...

Variety is the spice of life!

XMX said...

Rolling is fun
7 kinda tough at the same time. I should do it more often

Gnarly Sheen said...

It's like varying styles of kung fu for example. You had to figure out what style and degree your opponent was in order to compete effectively.

Nice blog. +1

- Gnarley Sheen

David said...

looks like fun, might try it.