Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Women in bjj

Last week, in my bjj class there was one session where we actually had more girls in class than guys. Since I began training, this was the first time it's happened.

So this post is for all of the girls out there that are training bjj!

Often times I hear complaints about how they are the lightest in the group, or that there are no other girls to roll with.

Knowing what I know now, I can definitely give out at least a few pointers.

1) Guys are stronger than girls on average, but if you aren't lifting weights do not even think about complaining about strength.

2) You may lose because you are smaller, but even for the little guy/girl, a lot of it has to do with technique. Even my technique after 7.5 years isn't perfect, chances are you still have a lot of technique to perfect.

3) In class if you do not take Bjj seriously, people will not take you seriously either. think about it.

4) The most accurate way to measure progress is through a lot of competition matches against people of similar skill/weight. So instead of concerning yourself about losing in class, just prepare to face someone just like yourself in tournaments as many times as you can!

Now TWO highlights of two top competitors


kobosei said...

very cool videos wouldn't want to get into a fight with any chick who knows bjj!

Jammer said...

Cool vids, I like the nickname of Hillary. haha

Salted Plum said...

In Japan many schools have judo as a required subject for girls and boys. I think judo is good for girls.

Chave Do Quarto said...

Uma mina dessa me quebra facil o_o

The Dawg said...

Cool videos!

slycoopert said...

Man I saw girls in Jeet Kune Do beat the crap out of guys twice there size don't mess with a well trained women!

Patrick S said...

Nice vids.

bmx4130 said...

Very good post as usual.

LightStand said...

Fair advice for women, they should still have a chance no matter what they're like