Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting started

So, let's get started.

Currently I teach brazilian jiu jitsu and also am a student at the same time. I feel quite fortunate in that I found what I am passionate about so early in my life.

At the time of this post, I am a purple belt with 2 stripes and 7.5 years of very consistent non-stop training.

One thing that became much more important in my eyes is the best way to teach someone brand new in bjj.

What is the best curriculum/order in which to get them prepared for tournament success as fast as possible?

In my opinion it is:

1) escapes from everywhere
2) guard work starting with half guard and open guard
3) passing and takedowns
4) transitions
5) submissions

It is a simplified view of a very complex system, however I believe that in my opinion, proficiency in that particular order yields the fastest results.

And btw, here is a very technical back take from deep half guard.


Anonymous said...

Great, interesting read!
Always wanted to know that.

Zed said...

7.5 years of training :O